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Mezcal Noble Coyote - Jabali
100% Maguey - Jabali

 Agave convalis trel.


12 years

Santiago Matatlán

With mallet



Floor oven

In Sabino vats



José Pérez Santiago

*ABV will vary for each batch at the discretion of the mezcalero

Scientific Name











Maestros Mezcaleros

Tasting Notes

Lemongrass, dried anise, eucalyptus, bacon fat, and herbal aromas. Palate follows with slate, dried mint leaf, oriental spices, high mineral notes and an ultra-smooth elegant finish.


The agave Jabalí (agave convallis trel) is considered by many to be the most exotic of all mezcals. Unlike mezcal made from agave Tepextate —whose eccentricity resides largely in the scarcity of the slow maturation period (35 years) of the plant and which is in danger of extinction— the agave Jabalí is a kind of wild agave that proliferate throughout the mezcalero strip in Oaxaca.

Although agave Jabalí is relatively abundant, there are only a few maestro mezcaleros who know the secret of how to select the right Jabalí and how to process it to make mezcal. There are stories of maestro mezcaleros who have harvested an entire field of agaves Jabalí and could not produce even one drop of mezcal. Luckily, our master mezcalero knows the secrets passed down through generations and learned from years of experience.

Agav Jabali (agave convallis trel)
Mezcal Noble Coyote

Mezcalero Comment

   Many people believe it is impossible to get mezcal from this rare species of agave. Instead it is commonly used to make good quality ropes from its leaves. Only a few maestro mezcaleros know the secret ways of making one of the most fantastic and mystic spirits.

This Batch Spirit

November 2017

   Cooked right after the end of summer, this was the last batch of the year for maestro mezcalero José. Knowing that with Jabalí it is always a coin toss on how the weather will affect the outcome, everyone was very happy and grateful when mezcal started flowing from the alembic distillation vessels. This was one of the more efficient Jabalí batches Jose has ever made, which speaks to his keen eye and the meticulousness of his work. Seeing Jabalí mezcal flow in the first distillation presages good luck for the months to come, as José testifies.

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