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Come visit the coyote in Oaxaca !

The tour includes a visit of the San Luis Amatlán palenque where our Espadin, Capon, Tobala and Coyote mezcals are made, and of the Santiago Matatlán Palenque where our Jabali and also Espadin are made.


There will also be a visit of the  Noble Coyote Mezcal warehouse in Oaxaca City and of the seedling facility in San Agustín Etla.


Our mezcaleros are eager to show you their palenques, teach you about mezcal and have you taste some of their favorite mezcals.


The tour is free. Transportation will be provided by Wolfsheim Spirits.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa de Sierra Azul, located in the Oaxaca City Center - Special rate of $80/night for a double room.  

Contact us at for more information.

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Hotel Casa de Sierra Azul
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Click for more information about Casa de Sierra Azul

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