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Noble Coyote is a premium mezcal from the cradle of mezcal – the village San Luis Amatlán in Oaxaca, Mexico. Four different types of agave – Espadín, Tobalá, Jabalí and, naturally, Coyote – are used to hand-craft four magical single-origin mezcals. Our Maestro Mezcaleros carefully select the best wild and semi-wild agaves and employ the knowledge that has been passed down to them through the generations to painstakingly cook and distill artisanal mezcals having complex flavor profiles that separate our superior mezcals from the rest of the pack. Every bottle of Mezcal Noble Coyote identifies the Maestro Mezcalero that made the mezcal, the village in which it was made, the type of agave used, and the lot and bottle number. In addition, our Maestro Mezcaleros are named on the labels as a guarantee to you of their commitment to the authenticity of their ancient craft. Each of our distinctive and unique mezcals reflects the spirit of the clever, crafty and mystical coyote.

See for yourself if the luck of the coyote is with you...

Noble Coyote is concerned with the sustainability of mezcal and is proactively involved in ensuring its future. Among other things, we have created and maintain a seed bank for wild agave. We also cultivate species and varieties of wild agave and devote considerable effort to reforesting the land with wild agave. Noble Coyote is dedicated to giving something back to the Earth.

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MAESTRO MARCOS BRENA  was born in the village of San Luis Amatlán in Oaxaca Mexico in 1934.  He and his sons keep alive a five-generation tradition as maestros mezcaleros (master mezcal makers), he learned to cook, ferment and distillate mezcal at the age of 12 and has been making mezcal for over 70 years.  Maestros mezcaleros keep many secrets and traditions. 


As a result, the work of a maestro cannot be replicated by a machine or by mechanically following the general steps taken to make mezcal. 


The coyote has played a fundamental role in pre-Hispanic mythology and is one of the most popular subjects of Native American people.  Even today in Oaxaca, it is common to hear farmers tell stories about coyotes that reach supernatural proportions.


The coyote is an animal known for its ability to avoid death and is revered for its great mysticism.  According to legend, the coyote can take several different forms.  It may be a messenger, a hero, a fool or, as we prefer, a noble trickster.  In one story, a coyote tricks the Frog people into giving away their hoard of water and shares it with other peoples because it is not right that one people have all the water.  In this same way, Mezcal Noble Coyote shares its mystical mezcals with the world because it is not right that one people have all the best mezcals.


The spirit of the coyote teaches that luck also is amorphous.  What may at first seem to be bad luck may actually form the basis for a great blessing or the total opposite may occur.  You never know what may happen with the Luck of the Coyote...

Universal coyote

“The coyote in the center of his forehead has a great mystic stone.

Solar oracle with infinite and lucid presence,

Magic spiral which in fractals takes us and comes back.

Universe inside and out,

Dazzling stars ashes.

The unity with the whole universe is brought by the mystical Coyote.

The Luck of the Coyote is not only a game

The Coyote is pure Mysticism.”

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