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Noble Coyote Artisanal Mezcal

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- Produced and bottled by Yowipe S.A. de C.V. in San Luis Amatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico & exclusively imported into the United States by Wolfsheim Spirits LLC, Atlantic Beach, FLORIDA, USA - © 2018 - All rights reserved -


We recommend using Noble Coyote Espadin in all of our cocktails but feel free to use whatever Noble Coyote Mezcal you desire. Our preference however is Noble Coyote Espadin, which conveys the agave experience exceptionally well.




Oaxacan  Tipico
Hibiscus Con Mezcal
Mezcal Smoke & Fire
Ocho Coyote
Mezca mixtec
Noble Paloma
Ocho Xoxos
Coyote Margarita
Spicy Noble Paloma
Oaxacan in Rome
Mezcal Sunset
Oaxacan Tamarindo


Spicy Coyote

-Noble Coyote Espadin



-Orange Juice


Noble Castrato

- 1/4 Oz Ancho Reyes Verde

- 3/4 Oz Sweet Vermouth

- 1 Oz Peychaud’s Apertivo

- 1 1/2 Oz Chorizo Fat Washed Noble Coyote Capón

- Worm Salt Rim Orange Expression

Mint Mez Marg

- Noble Coyote Espadin

- Lime

- Triple Sec

- Mint

- Sal de Gusano Rim

- Noble Coyote Capon

- Lime

- Grapefruit Bitters,

- Grapefruit juice

- Crème de Banana

White Claw Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

Bird Claw
Mezca Luma

-Noble Coyote Espadin

-Rubyred Grapefruit

- White Grapefruit

- Lime

- Lime juice

- Hibiscus/Lavander Syrup Rosé

- Noble Coyote Espadin

Hibiscus Mezcal
Wily Coyote

- Noble Coyote Espadin

- Luxardo

- Aperol

- Fresh Citrus

Personal Space Invader

- Noble Coyote Espadin

- Aperol

- Pepper

- Raspberry Jam

- Cilantro

- Agave

- Lime

The Mayahuel

- Noble Coyote Espadin

- Tomatillo-Jalapeño Shrub

- Lemon Juice

- Agave Nectar


The Last Samurai Contest was held at Domu Jacksonville on March 11th, 2019. 



Competitors were given 7 minutes to prepare an original asian inspired cocktail with Noble Coyote Espadin.

- .5 oz lime

- egg white

- .5 oz lychee / palm sugar syrup

- .5 oz mangosteen infused coconut milk

- barspoon purple ube jam

- .5 oz pamplemousse rosé

- 1.5 oz Noble Coyote mezcal Espadin

- vanilla & ginger bitters

- allspice & ube powder garnish

By Donna Meister

The Silk Road
Boba Colada

-2oz Mezcal

-2oz Pineapple

-1oz Taro

-Bar spoon of toasted coconut cream

-Tapioca pearls

By Michael Bovender

The Confluence

-Noble Coyote Mezcal


-Homemade Yellow Thai Curry Coconut Milk

-Kaffir lime and lemongrass infused agave 

By Kat Yevsukov

Send Noodz

-1.5 oz fresh lime juice

-1.5 oz red curry/turmeric simple syrup

-1 oz coconut milk

-.25 oz chili oil

-8 drops ginger bitters

-1 oz domaine de Canton

-3 oz noble coyote

By Cody Mashni

-1.5 oz Noble Coyote Espadin

-1 oz Hibiki harmony whisky 

-.75 oz Asian plum, lemongrass, ginger agave syrup

-.5 oz cactus flower juice

-.75 fresh lemon juice

-4 dashes homemade lemon bitters

By Jason Rhodin

Dragon on a cactus eating a plum
Samurai Swizzle

-2 oz noble coyote mez

-3/4 sweet Thai chili sauce

-3/4 coconut ginger simple

-3/4 lime

-4-6 drops star anise tincture

Built in a tiki mug with crushed ice, swizzled and topped with more ice and sake

By Brandon  Bernard

Satima Chamber

-Noble coyote 

-Sensei Jap. whiskey


-Ginger simple

-Fresh juiced golongal

-Rhubarb bitters

-Hot water

Garnished with lemon blossom.

By William Mueller