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Mezcal Noble Coyote - Espadin
100% Maguey Espadin

Agave angustifolia


7 years

San Luis Amatlán

Stone mill



Floor oven

In Sabino vats



Marcos & Eleazar Brena

*ABV will vary for each batch at the discretion of the mezcalero

Scientific Name











Maestros Mezcaleros

Tasting Notes

Green fresh aromas dominate, followed by anise and subtle smoky notes. Bright green herbal flavors continue on the palate, into a smooth medium-long finish.


The agave Espadín (agave angustifolia) grows all along the Mezcalero Strip in Oaxaca. It is the agave that grows the fastest and which is the most efficient in producing mezcal -10 kg of agave yield 1 liter of mezcal. We cultivate almost 100% of the Espadín mezcal we use. There are a vast array of agaves Espadín and the flavors of the mezcal made from these plants vary depending on the style of each maestro mezcalero and of the earth they grew on.  San Luis Amatlán—where we grow our agave Espadín—is famous for its agave-growing terroir. As a result, our mezcal Espadín successfully combines the exceptionally good earth with the practiced hand of our maestro mezcalero.

Agave Espadín (agave angustifolia)
Mezcal Noble Coyote

Mezcalero Comment

     For a very long time, Espadín has been the agave most commonly used to make mezcal primarily because of its fast growth and efficiency in yielding mezcal. It is now cultivated throughout Oaxaca. However, the conditions around the village of San Amatlán give the agave Espadín we cultivate distinctive characteristics.

This Batch Spirit

November 2017

     Cooked during Spring of 2017, the batch of Espadín mezcal followed a fast and natural process – from ground cooking to fermentation. The weather cooperated, and the process was completed on time. The maestro mezcaleros that worked this batch where very grateful with weather and offered a goat in return for their good fortune.

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